Innovative solutions to protect against flood risks.

Floods are the most common and damaging natural disaster in Canada. In a climate change context, extreme floods are more damaging and more frequent.

Geosapiens offers products and services for better knowledge of flood risks

  • For better prepared municipalities
  • For a more resilient population


E-nundation is a software that simulates floods and assess their impacts on people, buildings and critical infrastructure.

For Professionals and Citizens

Detailed report on flood risk level at the building level

For municipalities

A decision support tool for effective flood risk management in prevention, emergency and recovery


Based on forecast or simulated flow rates

  • Dynamic mapping of flood zones
  • Visualization of the extent of the flood based on short-term flow forecasts
  • Simulation of climate change scenarios and evaluate their consequences
  • Identification of flood risk areas and critical infrastructure to be protected
  • Calculation of the number of sandbags needed to protect a building at risk
  • Estimation of potential economic damage to buildings and critical infrastructure

Flood emergency

Based on real-time flow rates

  • Evaluation of the level of accessibility of the roads
  • Identification of flooded or isolated buildings
  • Provision of detailed and real time information on the level of risk to the various stakeholders
  • Guiding the return operations of the victims

After the event

Based on past flow rates

  • Simulation of the extent of past flooding
  • Analysis of the carried out interventions
  • Estimation of the damage caused by the flood

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Personalized service according to the customer’s needs

  • Flood risk analysis at the building level
  • Support and consulting services
  • Assessment of the hydraulic and economic impacts of mitigation measures
  • Development of adapted solutions
  • Warning system and information tools for the population

About us

  • Geosapiens is a spin-off of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)
  • Geosapiens mission is to transform technological advances in the research community into concrete operational solutions for society
  • Geosapiens uses geospatial information to provide its clients with state-of-the-art services and tools to support the management of their operations





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